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Pickup options on an E10 OM  

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Hello, Can anyone help or give advice for a good pickup to fit in my E10 OM, just for recording at home and for the odd open Mic night (hopefully in the future) ?

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Hello, Just been looking for some Eastman guidance myself and saw this and think I can probably offer some help.. :o)

I don’t have an E10 OM but I do have an E10 D so this should be relevant to you?

I have had a lot of acoustic guitars over the year and always bought guitars without pickups and got the pickups fitted later, so have an idea with the usual suspects. I used to like the sound hole magnetic style pickups and have tried both the Seymour Duncan and the Dimarzio pickups and both work well in my Dread and are really easy to put in and take out but the best I can recommend is the LR baggs anthem pickup system, my local fitted it. Superb!

The LR bags anthem can be quite lively so you do need to be careful with the mic setting and I would imagine with loud stage levels you might find you don’t want the mic element due to feedback and I know LR Baggs do a version with out the pickup called an SL version, but haven't used one myself.

The other one I considered was the fishman range and they also do a range with a pickup input and an undersaddle input ....

Anyways, hope this helps??


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