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The Far Cry series has long had a bit of an identity crisis. Is it a serious story about survival or a silly science-fiction adventure that includes pets, flamethrowers and a bunch of other pranksters? It's "a little bit" which is a great thing. Far Cry 6 doesn't follow that pattern. While the flamethrower still isn't going anywhere, the version does make some improvements and has the potential to be the most successful series in recent years. However , it is missing some steps in its updated inventory system. That creates new problems.  
Far Cry 6 finds you again trapped in a vast open universe led by a charismatic madman. It's still an enjoyable task to make all red dots in your map to turn blue. It can be accomplished by either sneakily silencing enemies' guards, or by employing the more subtle method of throwing shots and Molotovs at them, until there's no one left.  
Yara is a model of Cuba. Anton Castillo, an authoritarian dictator, runs Yara. Giancarlo Elposito, a TV bad guy is a great actor to play him. The regime is too ridiculously evil to believe sometimes, but for its real-world South as well as Central American inspirations. Esposito's unwavering loyalty and respect for his idea of a "perfect Yara" that makes him an incredibly formidable opposition to diaspora revolutionary leaders who are trying to undermine the El Presidente regime as well as his lieutenants.  
Castillo's subordinates don't seem to be a good fit to the impossible quiz position. They range from "psychotic naval Admiral" to "psychotic air force Captain" to "psychotic propaganda Director".  
Each scene of his captivating, particularly the ones that involve his son Diego. Esposito is a boy who is trying to reconcile the fact that the interests of others are more important than his own intentions and his father's insistence that noble goals can be justified by the use of unsavory methods. This creates some strong tension. It's unfortunate that this story does not provide a more satisfying solution to the many conflicts that are introduced throughout. But, Castillo will remain a memorable antagonist right until the very end. Esposito was largely responsible for the movie's success. The film's animation team deserves praises for capturing the exact details of Castillo's performance into digital models of characters.  
FC6 definitely wants the game to be more conscious of social issues than its predecessors. To its credit, it does a good job solving some of the social issues. However, the script isn't always clear on the reality. It is still unable to present a true representation of Latin American culture or a simplified version that is appealing to mainstream Western viewers. Although the world is beautiful, the impossible quiz script relies too much on some phrases and it can be a sign that it's trying too hard to appear authentic. Or worse, it's got a cockfighting game which is basically Mortal Kombat but with chickens. It's technically legal in Cuba however... I'm not sure.  
The previous Far Cry games have mostly involved us in battles with pirates, mercenaries, and cultists (not to mention mutants, evil cavemen, and cybercommandos), Far Cry 6 creates its bad guys as well-organized and equipped army. It's a little more simple than other Far Cry games, however, it provides more exciting and varied encounters. Enemy captains can summon reinforcements or airstrikes, and medics are able to revive wounded comrades. Engineers will also mount auto-turrets. These are a great addition to your usual "shotgun guy", "molotov guy and heavy guy" list. They also give interesting reasons for prioritizing your targets beyond "who might shoot at me in the next round?"  
Far Cry 6's ability to transform helicopters, trucks and tanks into fiery metallic objects is simply unbeatable. It's still incredibly satisfying to pass through checkpoints with out making a fuss or raising eyebrows (this is the way I played for the majority of my time) However, there's also a thrill driving down the highway and wrecking a convoy using mounted machine guns while blasting Ricky Martin. Thanks to the massive arsenal that Far Cry 6 gives you, it's even more enjoyable to play here loud.  
Far Cry 6 was some of the most enjoyable shows I've seen in a decade. Its cast provides solid performances throughout an entertaining story, even if it's also a fairly predictable one that fails to make the big opportunities it attempts to make. Even with its shaky new inventory mechanics and a handful of odd design choices its creative weaponry means taking off an outpost, taking an entire convoy, or just riding with a pal has never been more satisfying.  


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